How To Use A Haaga Walk Behind Sweeper

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How To Use A Haaga Walk Behind Sweeper

A Haaga walk-behind sweeper is the perfect tool for any facility that is looking to clean indoor and outdoor areas. It picks up wet and dry debris and is one of the most effective tools for quick and easy cleaning. In this article, we will cover how to use, store, and maintain your Haaga Sweeper. If you have any questions about Haaga sweepers, or need replacement parts or a replacement battery, please give us a call or use our online store to shop for sweepers, parts, and batteries.

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Using Your Haaga Sweeper

The Haaga Sweeper is easy to use. Whether you are using a manual or a battery-powered sweeper from Haaga, the basic principle is the same. You simply push the sweeper forward throughout your facility and the three-brush system will pull in dirt, debris, and trash into the sweeper. On the front of the machine, there is a dial that allows you to adjust the setting from 1 to 6, the higher numbers are for small debris like dust and pollen while the lower numbers are for larger debris like loose trash.

If you are using a battery-powered sweeper you can use the ON/OFF switch to turn the machine ON before cleaning and turn OFF after cleaning. As you move throughout your property, you can walk and push the sweeper at your normal walking speed to pick up leaves, dirt, pollen, etc. Thanks to Haaga’s patented three-brush technology it should only take a pass or two to pick up all of the debris in front of your sweeper. And with the battery-powered models, you can clean larger areas quickly. When the debris receptacle is full, simply remove it from the Haaga sweeper and empty it into the trash.

Cleaning Your Filters

When you remove the debris receptacle from the Haaga Sweeper’s body you will notice two small filters on the left and right of the machine. These filters are designed to prevent dust from leaking out the sides of the sweeper as you sweep. You can slide these up out of their places. You can then wash the filters with warm water to remove dust, dirt, and pollen. After they dry you can place them back into the sweeper and continue using the sweeper as normal.

Storing Your Haaga Sweeper

It is important to store your Haaga Sweeper properly after use. For manual sweepers, it is recommended that you simply store them in their upright position. You can also hang the sweeper from a hook by the handle and place the sweeper in its upright position to decrease the space it takes up. For battery-powered models, it is recommended that you plug the sweeper and recharge the battery between cleanings. 

Shop For Haaga Walk-Behind Sweeper Supplies Online

If you are looking to buy a sweeper or any replacement parts or accessories for your sweeper, you can visit our online store to browse our products. For more information on our products, please give us a call for more information.

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