How Often Should I Sweep Outside My Business?

How Often Should I Sweep Outside My Business?

Cleaning outside of your business has many benefits. Not only can keeping your business clean help improve your reputation and first impressions of your business, but it can also go a long way in preventing customers and visitors from tracking in garbage from the outside when they enter your property. How often you clean outside can have many factors. Local weather, your industry, and foot traffic are all things you need to consider when planning a cleaning schedule for your business.

Seasonal Weather Effects How Often You Need To Sweep

We all remember shoveling snow, raking leaves, and other outdoor chores that we all did to make quick bucks when we were kids. Those seasonal chores have effects on businesses as well. Obviously during the winter you need to shovel or plow snow. But during the fall you want to be aware of wet leaves and falling branches, and during the spring you want to get rid of pollen that gathers up on the sidewalk and parking lot outside of your business. During these seasons you may need to increase the frequency you sweep outdoor areas. 

How Your Industry Effects How Often You Need To Sweep

Agricultural facilities that buy Haaga sweepers often sweep more regularly than a corporate office. Because agricultural facilities have more messes to deal with and there is more debris like hay and dust being moved around, sweeping needs to be done daily. Similarly, restaurants that use sweepers for decks and patios need daily cleaning because of the messes that are made every day. But a retail location might only need to sweep weekly or twice a week to handle debris out on the sidewalk or street. 

Consider Foot Traffic When Scheduling Parking Lot Sweeping

As mentioned above, foot traffic is another thing to consider when planning a cleaning schedule. If your business is in a city and has people walking around it constantly, there might be a larger abundance of trash and other debris on your sidewalk or in your parking lot. If you live in a more rural area, you might not need to sweep as frequently to handle trash or other debris. 

Get A Manual or Battery Powered Sweeper For Your Business

If you need a sweeper for your business, we would be happy to make a recommendation. We provide a variety of recommendations for sweepers including both battery-powered and manual sweepers. 

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