How Do Haaga’s Electric Sweepers Work

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How Do Haaga’s Electric Sweepers Work

Haaga provides manual and electric power sweepers to businesses, residential property managers, and other commercial properties. These sweepers are designed to quickly clean debris inside and outside. While a vacuum is a great choice for a building’s carpeted hallways, it would definitely be strange to see someone vacuuming their parking lot. But that doesn’t mean you should clean parking lots, garages, storage facilities, and other outdoor spaces. Nor should you try and use a broom a dustpan to clean an entire outdoor space. Instead, you should use either a manual or a powered sweeper.

How Does Haaga's Manual Sweeper Work?

Haaga sweepers are designed to make cleaning easy by picking up as much dirt and debris with a single pass. Even without power, the brushes can effortlessly pick up debris of all sizes. Two counter-rotating brushes pull dirt and debris towards the hopper while a third rotating brush traps and picks up anything that was left behind. These sweepers make cleaning farms, warehouses, parking lots, and other areas a breeze. And the lightweight design makes it easy to clean larger spaces quickly. But for quicker cleaning for larger areas, a powered sweeper is the way to go.

How Does Haaga's Electric Sweeper Work?

Haaga’s electric sweepers are all battery-powered. By adding power to the already great design the brushes are even more effective, and it requires less work for the operator. Cleaning a large multi-tiered parking garage is simple and easy when you use a powered sweeper. Haaga’s sweepers are designed to pick up debris of all sizes wet or dry, so whether you are cleaning indoors or outdoors, you are sure to get the best clean. Haaga’s electric sweepers are designed with a twelve-hour battery life so as long as you charge the battery between uses, it is highly unlikely you will ever run out of power while you work. 

Shop Haaga Electric & Manual Sweepers

If you are interested in buying a sweeper for your facility click here to view our manual sweepers, and here for electric sweepers. If you already have a sweeper and just need to swap out some spare parts, you can click here. If you need any more information, feel free to contact our team, we would be happy to talk more about Haaga Sweepers and their many benefits.

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