How Do Haaga Sweepers Work?

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How Do Haaga Sweepers Work?

Haaga Sweepers are one of the most efficient sweeper options. They are perfect for a variety of facilities as they can clean indoor and outdoor spaces effectively. Compared to using a broom or a dustpan or a leaf blower, a sweeper beats them both at providing an efficient cleaning experience that saves time and cleans better. Haaga Sweepers are a great choice for any business that wants an effective cleaning tool for their property.

What Makes Haaga Sweepers Different?

Compared to other sweepers, Haaga Sweepers use a patented three-brush cleaning technology to decrease how long you will need to clean and increase your efficiency. These three brushes decrease the number of passes you will need to do to effectively clean any indoor or outdoor area for your business. Haaga Sweepers also have intelligent airflow and filters that decrease the amount of dust or dirt that gets pushed into the air. By contrast, sweeping with a broom or using a leaf blower can quickly kick dust and dirt into the air decreasing air quality and meaning that in a matter of hours, your cleaning would be undone when the dirt resettles. Haaga sweepers also feature an easy-to-adjust height making it easier to clean up against curbs or shelves.

Battery Powered vs Manual Sweepers

Here at Haaga Sweepers, we provide both battery-powered and manual sweepers for our clients. Manual sweepers are highly recommended for cleaning smaller properties. They are great for office buildings that are looking to quickly clean parking lots or other areas of their building as well as small agricultural facilities and storage units. Like all Haaga sweepers, they feature the efficient three brush cleaning system and are easy to maintain, transport, and store. Alternatively, for a larger facility, we would recommend a battery-powered sweeper. Like the Haaga Sweeper, this features the same three-brush system and cleans efficiently, however, it also has battery power in order to clean quicker. It is highly recommended for multi-tiered parking garages, larger lots, and generally bigger properties.

Contact Us For More Information On Our Sweepers

If you have questions about any of our sweepers please contact us. We would be happy to get on the phone with you and discuss our sweepers. Here at Haaga Sweepers, we provide both manual and battery-powered sweepers as well as replacement parts for those sweepers. We would be happy to help recommend a sweeper for your property or answer any of your questions. Please use our online form to contact us or give us a call.

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