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Commercial Sweeper: Why Do You Need These in Your Facility?

haaga sweeper warehouseHas keeping your facility’s flooring clean and clear of debris always been an issue? Traditional cleaning strategies, such as brooms and dust pans, require a lot of time and require hard labor. With power sweepers, you are able to reduce the time and labor spent cleaning the floors in your facility. Below, we’re discussing why you need an commercial power sweeper in your facility beyond the benefits of time and labor.

They Pick Up All Dirt

By utilizing brooms in your facility, you’re redistributing and displacing the dirt and fine particles from one area of the floor to other parts. Our power sweepers have three main brushes, two on the front and one underneath, that work together to pick up all the fine dirt and particles off the floor leaving it spotless.

Remove Dirt Efficiently

Commercial power sweepers were built for industrial spaces, being used regularly, and cleaning up tough, stuck on debris. Haaga power sweepers can both be utilized indoors and outdoors on wet and dry debris, making cleaning your property as well as the interior of your facility that much easier.


Interested in a power sweeper for your facility but unsure of which one would fit your needs best? Contact our team today at (855) 797-0478.

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