Benefits of Walk-Behind Sweepers vs Upright Sweepers

Benefits of Walk-Behind Sweepers vs Upright Sweepers

When it comes to cleaning a property, a sweeper is one of your best options. But choosing the right sweeper can depend on the size of your property, your cleaning goals, and your cleaning schedule. Two main categories of sweepers are upright standing sweepers and walk-behind sweepers. Here at Haaga US we provide walk-behind sweepers including both manual and battery-powered options. In this article, we will cover how these sweepers work, what sweeper is right for which property, and why Haaga Sweepers are the best choice for walk-behind sweepers.


Should You Get A Walk-Behind Commercial Sweeper

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For commercial facilities it can be very beneficial to get a sweeper. Sweepers handle indoor and outdoor cleaning and are often more effective than vacuums, leaf blowers, or the traditional dustpan method. But what type of sweeper is right. One of the major drawbacks of an upright sweeper is that it has a smaller capacity and smaller cleaning path. This means multiple passes in the same areas and more frequent stops to empty the bin and start over. However, this also means it easier to use the sweeper in more compact spaces. For a business that has tight corners, low furniture, or complex room geometry, an upright sweeper might provide the maneuverability you need. But if you are trying to clean a larger facility that has a lot of open rooms, a bigger walk-behind sweeper is going to be the more effective option. 

Battery Powered vs Manual Walk-Behind Sweepers

The next thing to consider is whether you should use a battery-powered sweeper or a manual sweeper. While manual sweepers may be more cost effective, if you are working with a large area, it could be better to have a battery powered sweeper. A battery powered sweeper from Haaga US is designed to pick up more dirt and debris quickly because of the motorized brushes. However, if you are using a sweeper to clean a small outdoor area like a lot, sidewalk, etc. a manual sweeper might be better suited for your needs. 

Buy A Sweeper For Your Industrial/Commercial Business

If you are looking to get a sweeper for your industrial or commercial business we can help. We work with businesses throughout the country to provide great options for manual and battery-powered walk-behind sweepers. Give us a call today, or send us a message for more information.

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