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Benefits of Using a Power Sweeper

As a business, keeping employees and consumers safe within your establishment is a top priority and by keeping a well-maintained space, you are not only keeping them safe but also giving a great impression. For these reasons, many businesses opt to utilize a power sweeper within their establishment to keep the space clean and well-maintained to prevent any hazards.

Learn more about the benefits of a power sweeper below!

Increased Productivity

Sweeping with a broom takes a lot of time, especially in large establishments. By utilizing a power sweeper, you are able to cut cleaning time in half! All Haaga power sweepers are light-weight, easy to use, and feature a three-brush system to ensure all dirt and debris is removed from the floor.

Low Maintenance Costs

Unlike brooms that easily break and need to be replaced, our power sweepers have a belt-less drive to help reduce major issues and reducing maintenance and repair work. Power sweepers are also extremely durable and can clean up almost everything off your floor!

Additional Benefits:

  • With a power sweeper, you no longer have to worry about the additional costs of hiring an outside company to come in and clean your property
  • Power sweepers are much more effective than manual options
  • Power sweepers have long lifespans

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