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A Power Sweeper Buying Guide

haaga 497 warehouseThe power sweeper has changed the way commercial spaces are maintained and are making the cleaning process that much easier. With battery-operated and manual options, as well as several different models available, deciding which sweeper to purchase for your business can seem overwhelming. With this power sweeper buying guide, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision to ensure the sweeper you purchase is the best option for your business.

What’s the Difference Between Manual and Battery-Operated Sweepers?

Manual sweepers are more straight forward and don’t have as many sophisticated parts or buttons. They don’t require electricity to work, are easy to use both indoors, and are ideal for busy environments.

Battery-operated sweepers required to be charged between uses but have more power, making them more effective.

Haaga Power Sweeper Models

300 Series – The Haaga-355 is a great entry-level sweeper, ideal for commercial spaces under 5,000 square feet. It’s light-weight, sweeps both wet and dry debris, and operates without a belt.

400 Series – With three different models within the 400 series, you can’t go wrong! Ideal for commercial spaces up to 10,000 square feet, the sweepers part of the 400 series sweep wet and dry debris and trash, feature a dust filter and sealing system for dust-free sweeping, and can fold up for space-saving storage.

600 Series – Ideal for large spaces over 50,000 square feet, the sweepers part of the 600 series feature electric motors that run on batteries and will give you 90-minutes of cleaning. The 600 series sweepers are also lightweight and easy to store!

Haaga Features

  • Intelligent Airflow System – Each Haaga sweeper is equipped with two filters to help clean the air that contains dust before being returned into the sweeping cycle.
  • Isweep Technology – The Isweep Technology help your sweeper be self-lubricating, allowing for a longer life cycle of each gear and better durability.
  • Turbo Sweeping System – With a patent triple brush system, your sweeper is able to sweep to the front and sides of the unit as well as underneath, in one motion!

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